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Description of Infrastructure

Mosonmagyaróvár is a small picturesque town of rivers. Its medieval settlement was already mentioned in the Nibelung-song. The second literary affection is associated with the name of the poet Nikolaus Lenau. Because of its situation at the borders, the town was called „Porta Hungarica” for a long time, which means the gate of Hungary. You can reach the vaulted entrance building of the castle across an old bridge of stones and a drawbridge made of wood. This fortification has four corner towers and is surrounded by a park. In the nearby Lucsony Street there’s a small chapel of the 17th century and also some so called peasant houses built in peasant baroque style. Not far from here there’s the fortification-like „Salthouse”, which used to be a capuchin monastery. Gábor Bethlen, Prince of Transsylvania used to stay in the historical Ranthof guest- and beer house.


is a small town with a population of about 30.000 people, with a small but not well known university. It has all the required infrastructural public services network. The hot springs ’institution’ - which has been existing since the Imperial and Royal k.u.k. times - is famed for its particularly good quality. According to some geological experts’ opinion, the Mosoni-basin lays right above a ’hot springs ditch’, which can be found 1000 metres deep and is of good quality, has big capacity and around 60 oC temperature. The area can be found on the border of a landscape –protection area.

Existing infrastructural sport- and free time institutes are:

The freely navigable branch of the River Danube (Mosoni-Danube), fishing-ponds for anglers as well as the hunting possibilities of the area; furthermore there’s a riding-hall with standing-in possibilities, extensive horserace and romantic driving about facilities.

Rich and spectacular cultural offers available.

Short overview of the project

•“live and wellness by the hot springs…”

•The land is about 10 ha large, where on 74 plots – 750 m2 each, 3 different types of houses will be established for the purpose of renting or selling.

•The hot springs includes not only a catering unit, but also 55 apartments and 22 hotel rooms.

•Each house has its own hot springs connector for “hotwhirlpool” in the roofed terrace.

•A particular, originally designed experience-, thermal- and wellness resort was planned for exclusive use for guests.

•Furthermore there’s a central unit including a restaurant, a Café, a tavern and shops facing the thermal bath’s area.

Project section – First phase

•South-east of Mosonmagyaróvár, in a calm, sunny situated, quiet place, on 750 m2 building sites, 77 original romantic houses are going to be built.

•The different sized house types are going to be comfort finished and have their own hot springs connector.

•An almost fully roofed terrace belongs to each house as well as a winter garden-like extension, where a thermal-based hot-water pool will be established, which faces the thermal bath’s area.

•At the same time a central food supplier unit will be established, which is to serve culinary demands, furthermore there will be a restaurant, a café, a tavern, a pub and a tobacconist.

…”live and refresh in the hot springs…”

•The different house types that are combined with certain innovative architectural details as well as all the future buildings of the area endows romantic appearance by shaping a genuine aspect.

•The dimensions of the three types adjust to demands of the people interested. The building up possibilities of the area is given.

•The aspect of the individual buildings fit architecturally harmonious to the living- and holiday resort.

Customer- and target group analysis

•With the sale of the individually planned houses which are equipped with hot springs-connector and additional thermal and wellness offer we take sight at a well-situated target group, like Hungarian families, Austrian or international customers.

•With the facilities of riding, shooting, angling, other aquatics and navigating on Mosoni-Danube – combined with the existing infrastructural options – such a brand new offer is carried out that can’t be compared to anything.

•The combination of the constituents of the offer opens up new ways and gives the hope of a successful turnover within the target group.

Strategy – conception

•Draft development of site owner, respectively conception- and draft development of the traditional investors regarding the building up proposal.

•Planning operation by dividing to house types

•Attitude to the central performance, the utilisation and application options of the refreshing land

•The authorisation procedures connecting to the institutes to be built and the usage of hot springs.

•Preparing previous overall budget

•Specifying budget

•Analysis of rentability

•Financial assistance


•Establishing a company

•Authorisation procedures

•Market research and sale


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